AMPERAFRIK - Période du COVID 19

Depuis le mois de janvier 2020, AMPERAFRIK s'est organisé pour mettre en œuvre un plan de continuité d’activité pendant la phase de confinement avec pour priorité de de continuer à servir au mieux ses clients.

Par conséquent toutes les livraisons de nos produits sont maintenues sur toute l'Afrique pendant cette période.

Centrale Solaire clef en main - Lancement réussi

En réponse aux nombreuses sollicitations de clients, et de part son expertise solaire, AMPERAFRIK a lancé en 2018 son offre de centrale solaire photovoltaïque clef en main (à partir de 20MW).

One Planet Summit in Boulogne Billancourt France (AMPERAFRIK's head quarter)

Make Our Planet Great Again

LEDItBulb : the low-cost LED bulb with high quality

Décembre 2017

AMPERAFRIK launches its new LEDitBulb product line.

AMPERAFRIK's team interview on AfricaTopSuccess

AMPERAFRIK attended the International Economic Forum on Africa organized by OECD

September 2016

This edition will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the urbanisation process in Africa, looking into how to address in urban areas, the role of cities as drivers of economic transformation, and innovative ways to provide adequate and predictable financing for local governments and municipalities.

COP21 : a new challenge for AMPERAFRIK

Décembre 2015

As France played a leading international role in hosting COP21, AMPERAFRIK was proud to participate in the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21).

AMPERAFRIK France focuses its sustainability efforts on its own operations, but also in its value chain working with local distributors and other important partners on using energy training, technologies and best practices which are climate smart to make a difference for people and the places they live.

Voyage dans un quartier de CAPE TOWN

April 2015

AMPERAFRIK’s team were pleased to meet people in the BO KAAP area in Cape Town where blackout are quite common.

BO-Bulb-S® : an outstanding product successfully marketed

Janvier 2015

AMPERAFRIK designs the world’s first universal LED light bulb that detects a blackout and turns itself on automatically. BO-Bulb-S® keeps lighting up to 5 hours when the power goes out and can be switched ON/OFF with the same standard wall-switch.
With the latest built-in LED technology, BO-Bulb-S® can last for several years while saving up to 80% of the electricity bill.

Interview d’AMPERAFRIK par l'agence Anadolu (in French)

Décembre 2014

L’agence de presse ANADOLU, indépendante offrant une couverture de qualité de l’actualité internationale, recueille les propos d’AMPERAFRIK au sujet des délestages en Afrique.