Manufactured in France, AMPERSTREET+® is dedicated to off-grid villages and small cities.
AMPERSTREET+® has been designed with the highest quality because AMPERAFRIK France is committed to creating reliable products for a long term use, with the best materials.

AMPERSTREET+® has an “all in one” solar streetlight fixtures. A solar module, a battery, a LED light engine, and a charge controller all together drive a unique inbuilt lighting and energy management system.

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Horizontal solar panel ensures the best orientation and makes it easy to install. It only takes a few minutes for anyone to set up an AMPERSTREET+®. As it’s a stand-alone product, there is no need for an electricity network connection (nor trenching, cabling nor on site assembly).

The battery and electronics are placed at the top of the pole to prevent against theft and enables good air circulation