BO-Bulb-S® has been designed by AMPERAFRIK for countries with frequent power outage and load shedding.
BO-Bulb-S® can:
a) Remain lighting up to 5 hours during a power outage/load shedding
b) be activated or turned off from the wall switch even during the power outage, load shedding…
c) Save 80% of energy compared to a traditionnel incandescent bulb
d) Protect the environment (technology LED, mercury free).
e) be used like a portable hand torch
f) replace any bulb without modifying the electrical network

BO-Bulb-S® works like a normal light bulb, and fits a standard fixture, and can be turn ON/OFF from the same wall switch.

Available powers: 5W

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When power goes out, BO-Bulb-S® still works like if the power was still on. BO-Bulb-S® is convenient, safe and energy efficient.

BO-Bulb-S® has already been installed in several countries in individual houses but also in hospitals, airports, offices, warehouses, building of the administration….